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Do I need an appointment?

Altura is an appointment only studio, but sometimes there is same-day availability. We require a $100 deposit on appointments- deposits are non-refundable but will be applied to the cost of your tattoo. Cancellation without forfeiture requires 48 hour notice.

How do you manage covid in Altura?

We limit the number of people in the building, use a high quality air purifier in our space, and will always be masked while you are there. You are encouraged but not required to mask up. 

Do you do custom work, or just flash?

We do it all! Periodically we will post new available predawn designs, but we are happy to work with whatever form of reference you have, and the vast majority of the the work we do is custom drawn for each client. Please do your best to clearly articulate your ideas and provide reference material as needed. 

How can I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

Please arrive on time! Wear comfortable clothing that allows for access to the area of tattoo application. Getting tattooed is generally easier if you have gotten a decent nights sleep and a solid meal beforehand. Feel free to bring snacks and beverages with you as well. A couple of ibuprofen are no problem, but please don’t take aspirin the day of your tattoo (you will bleed more!), and if you are on prescription blood thinners let’s talk before you schedule anything. 


How do I take care of my new tattoo?


Please refer to the care instructions on the website. Keep in mind that your ability to keep your new tattoo clean and care for it properly directly impacts the final product.

Can I bring friends with me?

Please limit the number of people who aren’t getting tattooed to one or two. We want to focus on you, not a party!

What are your hours?

Although we book primarily Friday through Monday, 12-8, as an appointment only studio we are often able to accommodate other days and times if you have schedule restrictions. Let’s talk! 

The nitty gritty:

  • Shop minimum: $100

  • Deposit amount: $100

  • Hourly rate: $175

  • No shows, cancellations without 48 hours notice, and arrivals later than 15 minutes past appointment time without notice are subject to deposit forfeiture. Please contact us if you’re going to be late!

How is Altura being environmentally responsible?

  • We use biodegradable or compostable gloves, razors, ink caps, barrier film, bed sheets, garbage bags, and ink caps

  • We use upcycled fabric for pillowcases and individual use hand towels

  • We use recycled content copier paper and recycle all waste paper that isn’t biohazardous. 

  • We make every effort to limit our waste stream while maintaining exacting cleanliness standards. 

  • We use autoclaved stainless steel tubes for tattooing, and do not use disposable tubes. 

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