About Us


Jennifer Billig

I started tattooing in 1992 during my senior year of art school at Pratt Institute, where I was a printmaking major with a minor in art history. After an apprenticeship under Steve Ferguson at the Ink Spot in Elizabeth, NJ, I worked for Larry Davis at Physical Graffiti in New York. In 1995 I moved to Boulder, CO and worked at Bolder Ink for a few years while travelling extensively working conventions and guest spots around the US and in Europe. In 1998, Dan Gilsdorf, Jerry Ware, and I opened Atlas Tattoo in Portland, OR. Although I left Oregon in 2007 to be closer to family, I continue to visit Portland and tattoo longtime clients at Atlas.

When my spouse and I moved to Arkansas in 2007 I started taking horticulture classes at the University of Arkansas and officially began graduate school in 2011, finally earning my MS in Horticulture in 2017 with a research focus on sustainable apple orchard management. We currently live in Santa Fe, NM, where I worked for Mark Vigil at Four Star Tattoo from 2014-2022. Simultaneously I embarked on a farm project with my friend Barb Odell, who lives on three and a half acres in Villanueva, NM. We have grafted and planted around 100 fruit trees and maintain a significant vegetable and cut flower garden.


Not surprisingly, my tattoo work focuses on, but is certainly not limited to, botanical tattoo themes, as I spend a lot of time observing and being inspired by the natural world. Variety is surely the spice of life, so I appreciate having the opportunity to tattoo other subject matter in many styles and consider myself more of a generalist than a specialist in my tattooing. I thoroughly enjoy the personal connections made with clients, and value the collaborative nature of tattooing.

As a female tattooist I have had the pleasure of working safely and comfortably with some lovely humans over the past thirty years, almost all of them male, and my new space is designed to be a safe, comfortable, and non-threatening space for women. I welcome all people into this space; male, female, and non-binary, on the condition that nobody is disrespected or made uncomfortable! I look forward to designing and creating your dream custom tattoo- no project is too big or too small!


Additional interests of mine include painting both pet portraits and botanical subjects, textile work that includes natural dyeing and repurposing of existing textiles, and various culinary pursuits including making miso, wine, mead, sourdough, and all manner of fermented foods!